Family Vac 
is a

We have most parts and supplies for Bissell shampooers and vacuums 
- in stock!
Free estimates, while you wait.
Repairs usually completed within one hour!  (Really!)

Bissell shampoo flavors

Bissell now has the original cleaner, natural orange, pet odor and soil, allergen formula, and a spring breeze (not pictured).

It is very important to use only Bissell shampoo for Bissells. 
NOT, the brands that say "will work for Bissells".

Never add any other product, such as vinegar or oxy clean. 
Doing so can cause pump damage and line plugging issues.


We can ship you all your vacuum needs. 
To order, email us with your information 
including model # and we'll get back 
to you with price, availability, 
shipping and/or  payment arrangements.
Family Vacuum Repair
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Open Monday thru Friday
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Saturday 9am to 2pm
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